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We will continue to use Festival Scores for online audition management.

We're looking forward to our 2019-20 school year! I hope you had time to recharge during the summer months and get ready for another busy year of inspiring students!

Here's some important information for NW/SW KMEA District Orchestra:

Dr. Thomas Dickey, Oklahoma State University

Saturday, Dec. 7

Fort Hays State University

Performance Repertoire
Rosamunde Ballet Music No. 1 - Schubert, arranged by Dackow (grade 3)
When the Stars Began to Fall - arranged by Fred Allen (grade 3)
Capriccio Espagnol - Rimsky-Korsakov, arranged by Dackow (grade 4)

Upload Deadline
October 31 at midnight is the deadline to upload your students' auditions to FestivalScores.com. This year's chair is Joan Crull from Hays, and she'll be in contact with all NW/SW directors with more info on this process, including the Event Tag for this year.

Audition Excerpts - ( audition upload deadline is midnight Oct. 31!)

Students auditioning for District orchestra or WKOF chair position (Nov. 22-23) will use the following selections:

District music excerpts
  • Violins: Capriccio/ Alborada, beginning to letter E
  • Violas: Capriccio/Fandango, m. 94 to 109
  • Cellos: Capriccio/Fandango, m. 96 to 109
  • Basses: Capriccio/Fandango, m. 97 to 109
All-State music excerpts
  • Violins: All-State 3 oct. g melodic minor scale, All-State Mendelssohn excerpt, "Italian Symphony"
  • Violas: All-State 3 oct. E Major scale, All-State Mendelssohn excerpt, "Midsummer Night's Dream"
    Brahms' Symphony Not. 1, movt. 1
  • Cellos: All-State 3 oct. E Major scale, All-State Mozart excerpt, Symphony No. 40
  • Basses: All-State 3 oct. E Major scale, All-State Mozart excerpt, Symphony No. 41

Viola All-State excerpt revised Sep. 16, 2019
For all instruments, the same All-State scale and All-State excerpt as District, but not the Piazolla or Bach. ALSO, be ready to play anything from the WKOF music.

Festival Scores - Audition Event Tag

Directors, you will need to activate the following Event Tag in your Festival Scores Director account in order to upload audition entries.

Audition EventEvent Tag
2019-20 NW/SW HS Orchestra District Auditions Y2T4F9R
Joan Crull
Hays High School
2300 E. 13th
Hays, KS 67601
h: 785-365-6724
w: 785-623-2600