Membership Requirement
For a student to participate in KMEA honor groups the sponsoring teacher must be an active member of the Kansas Music Educators Association.

High School Orchestra


Mark Laycock, Wichita State University

Important Dates
Oct. 26 - Audition upload deadline - $15 per completed audition
Dec. 2 - Clinic & Concert @ Dodge City High School - $5 per selected student

HS Orchestra invoices are provided in your Festival Scores account. (SWKMEA policy)

mp3 Auditions
We will use Festival Scores for online audition management. Directors need to activate the following Event Tag:

Festival Scores information video
Directors should watch this short video to become familiar with the Festival Scores audition system.
Audition Excerpts
All Instruments
E major Scale - 60 bpm as listed on state audition music

Brook Green - Air m. 45-55
American Reel - m. 136-152
All-State Excerpt: Beethoven

Brook Green - Air: m. 65-71
American Reel - m. 98-107
All-State Excerpt: Mendelssohn

Brook Green - Prelude: m. 1-7
American Reel - m. 90-97
All-State Excerpt: Mendelssohn

Brook Green - Prelude: m.1-7
American Reel - m. 19-35
All-State Excerpt: Bach
Bologne/Monday: Allegro Presto from Symphony No. 2
Holst: Brook Green Suite
Mosier: American Reel
Julia McMains
Beloit HS
PO Box 606
Beloit, KS 67420
w: 785-738-3593
Important Dates - HS Orchestra
Oct. 26, 2023 - Thu
Audition Upload Deadline — NW/SW HS Orchestra
$15 audition fee per completed audition
Dec. 2, 2023 - Sat
NW/SW HS Orchestra Festival
Dodge City HS
$5 participation fee per selected student

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