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Message from the President

Greetings, NW Kansas Music Educators! It seems like only yesterday we were saying hello to summer. Now, we are off to the start of a new year! I hope you all had time to rest but also to rejuvenate and prepare for the coming year. My name is Don Mordecai and I teach Band in Norton. I am your new NWKMEA District President. Thanks to Kayla Wombacher for two great years as President. She did a wonderful job serving in this role. I will do my best to help the district continue its successful path.

Here you will find important District info. District Audition info is here along with important dates and schedules. Please take a look at the deadlines for the different groups and mark them down so you can meet them.

We have a large number of new teachers in our district and we would like to welcome all of you. If there is a first-year teacher in your league, please make sure you direct them to Bill Schick (Phillipsburg), our Mentoring Chair. He will pair each first-year teacher with a mentor from our district. First-year teachers, don't be afraid to reach out and ask questions of teachers in your league or in the NW District. Also, there is a mentoring banquet on October 20 in Phillipsburg for mentors, 1st/2nd-year teachers, and teachers that are new to the district. You won't want to miss this event!

At the State KMEA Board Meeting in June, it was announced that the NW District will have an extra quartet in the All-State Treble Choir for the coming year. That is good news for our district! Keep the audition numbers high as well as the number of participating schools, and our current numbers in the All-State Choirs should continue.

Please note that High School District Band Audition Materials have changed. Students will still play two excerpts; one excerpt from the Rubank Books, and one from the All-State Audition.

There is other info from the State Board Meetings this summer. If you would like to read all the reports, please go to and read the board books for both meetings. One change worth mentioning is there will be a "late fee increase" to register for the KMEA In-Service Workshop in February. The registration amount will increase after December 31, so register early. The reason for this is most of the registration comes in right before the event and, since we are growing, it has become a problem. More details are available at Also, teachers are encouraged to start a Tri-M Chapter. This is a wonderful program for your students. More info on this is available at

I am hoping all of you will have a great year this year in your teaching. You make the difference in the lives of your students. They come to your class for many reasons, but one of the big reasons they keep coming back is you! Thanks for all you do!

Don Mordecai
President, Northwest KMEA
NWKMEA Mini-Convention I
Nov. 2, 2019
Hays High School
Schedule of the Day - TBA
JH Band, JH Choir, HS Jazz Band, HS Choir live auditions

Students, please wear white shirts and black pants/skirts for the concert.

Admission to NWKMEA concerts is $5.00 per adult (students are free). Thank you for your continued support of music education in the schools of northwest Kansas.
NWKMEA Mini-Convention II
Dec. 7, 2019
Fort Hays State University
Sheridan Hall
Beach-Schmidt Performing Arts Center

Get directions HS Schedule Elem. Schedule
General Meeting Agenda - TBA

The HS Schedule document replaces any/all previously used schedules.
NOTE - HS lunch is 11:15-1:00. Afternoon rehearsals begin at 1:00 PM.

Concerts - Performance order TBA - Admission: Adults - $5, Students - Free
Thank you for your continued support of music education in the schools of northwest Kansas.

Concert Dress
  • Elem. Choir — Nice Dress clothes, no t-shirts. Preferably no jeans.
  • HS Band — Black pants/skirts, and white shirt/blouse. Boys wear ties.
  • HS Choir — Nice dress clothes, including a shirt and tie for guys. No jeans or t-shirts. Dresses are at least fingertip length.
  • HS Orchestra — School Orchestra Concert Outfits or ALL BLACK and dress shoes.
Teachers - Your students participation fees are due to Connie Reishus prior to the Mini-convention. The participation fee is $10.00 per student and is separate from any late audition fees.

HS Choir Fees

Teachers: Just a friendly reminder: We do not have Audition fees for HS Choir. The only time that will be different is if you miss the FIRST Deadline! If you miss the first Deadline, THEN and only THEN will you have to pay the Late Audition Fee of $30.00, $60.00 or $100.00 as shown on the invoice generator. WE DO have a PARTICIPATION FEE OF $10.00 per student, for those who are selected to the HS Honor Choir.

KMEA Mentoring Network

Attention New Teachers!

JOIN the Mentoring Network to...
  • CONNECT with experienced mentors and fellow beginning music educators.
  • ENGAGE in professional learning through mentoring events and online discussions.
  • ENJOY SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGEMENT from a professional community that is committed to your success.
Mentoring Events
Check out these events designed for first and second year teachers.
Mentoring Help Line
Contact your district mentor chair if you have a question or need resources or help.
New Teacher Handbook
Be sure to check out the New Teacher Handbook for important information.
KMEA Northwest District
NWKMEA Important Dates
Oct. 5, 2019 - Sat
Andover Central High School, Choir Room
Western and Central Districts - NWKMEA, SWKMEA, NCKMEA, SCKMEA
Oct. 20, 2019 - Sun
Mentoring Banquet
Phillipsburg Huck Boyd Center, 3:00 PM
Nov. 2, 2019 - Sat
Mini convention I
JH Choir, JH Band, HS Jazz Band
Hays High School
Dec. 7, 2019 - Sat
Mini convention II
HS Band, HS Choir, HS Orchestra, Elem. Choir
Fort Hays State University
Dec. 7, 2019 - Sat
NW/SW HS Orchestra
Fort Hays State University

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HS Band
HS Choir
HS Jazz Band
NW/SW HS Orchestra
JH Band
JH Choir
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