High School Band

High School Band
Audition Excerpts


Suite in A-Minor, Telemann, published by International Music Co. (2260).
Play #3 Air a l'Italien play pick up to measure 15 and end on beat 4 of measure 22. Measure 16 should use the same rhythm on count one and two as the rhythm in measure 15. The flute rhythm in the piano part is correct for measure 16.
Voxman, Selected Studies for Flute, Rubank
Page 14, Beginning to breath mark, 2nd measure of line 5. ♩=132

Concerto in C for Oboe and Orchestra, attributed to Haydn, edited by Rothwell, published by Oxford University Press (#3642131) (#9780193851627).
First Movement begin at letter D (2nd line) and end on quarter note g (end of line 4)
Voxman, Selected Studies for Oboe, Rubank
Page 2: Beginning to end of 1st measure of line 4: ♩.=60

Concertpiece, Op. 35, Gabriel Pierne, edited by Schubert-Garfield, published by International Music Co. (1617)
Play from A to C
Rubank, Advanced Method for Bassoon, Vol. 1
Page 32: #18, Top part: Beginning to double bar in line 5: ♩=72

Concerto No. 2 in E-Flat Major, Op. 74, Carl Maria von Weber, published by Carl Fischer (CU-752).
Polacca movement: play beginning to ten measures rest
Voxman, Selected Studies for Clarinet, Rubank
Page 2: Beginning to end of measure 2, line 4: ♩=72

Low Single Reeds
Adagio and Allegro, Johann Ernest Galliard, arr. by Lyle Merriman, published by Southern Music Co. (SS-686). (Hal Leonard 3774337).
Play movement 2 from beginning to letter C
Rhoads, 21 Foundation Studies, Southern
#18: 1st 4 lines: ♩=88

27 Virtuoso Studies by Bassi, transcribed for Oboe and Sax by Gerardo Iasilli, published by Carl Fischer (O-61).
Play #1, page 4: play 3rd line from top and stop after the 1st measure of the 8th line from the top
48 Famous Studies for Sax, W. Ferling, Southern Page 4, #8: Beginning to 1st measure, line 3: ♩=88

Prelude Et Ballade, by Balay, published by Belwin Mills (BWI-69).
Allegro Moderato: play from beginning of page 2 and end on the downbeat of the last measure, 3rd line
Voxman, Selected Studies for Trumpet, Rubank
Page 21: Beginning to 3rd count, 2nd measure, line 3: ♩.=68

French Horn
Morceau De Concert, Saint-Saëns, published by Warner Bros, (TS-0002).
Play from #1 to #2
Rubank, Advanced Method for Horn, Volume 1
Page 57, #29: Entire Exercise: ♩=60

Morceau Symphonique, Alexander Guilmant, ed. Falaguerra, published by Warner Bros. (TS-0046)
Play from the beginning to 4th measure of 3rd line.
Rubank, Advanced Method for Trombone, Volume 1
Page 39, #21A: Top Part: Entire exercise, No repeats: ♩=88

Air and Bourée, by Bach, arr. by William Bell, published by Carl Fischer. (W-1647)
Play all of the Air
Rubank, Advanced Method for Tuba, Volume 1
Page 40, #27: Beginning to 1st beat, 5th measure, line 3 ♩=76

Solo Timpanist, Vic Firth, published by Carl Fischer (#04402)
Play Etude 1, first 12 measures, ♩=116-120
Audition Etudes for Snare Drum, Timpani, Keyboard & Multiple Percussion, Garwood Whaley, Meredith Music
Play Etude 7, Page 15, ♩=92

Masterpieces for Marimba, arr. by Thomas McMillan, Pro Art Publications (1202)
Play 1st four lines of page 6: Sonatina by Telemann
Audition Etudes for Snare Drum, Timpani, Keyboard & Multiple Percussion, Garwood Whaley, Meredith Music
Page 22, #8: 1st 3 lines ♩=108

Snare Drum
Portraits in Rhythm, 50 Studies for Snare Drum, Anthony J. Cirone, Belwin Mills, (HAB-00101)
Play #3, beginning on last measure of line 8 and play to the end of the page
Audition Etudes for Snare Drum, Timpani, Keyboard & Multiple Percussion, Garwood Whaley, Meredith Music
Page 10, #11 play entire exercise ♩=48
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