Junior High Band

Band directors... the following JH and HS Honor Band music from this past year is for sale at 50% off. If you are interested in purchasing any set please contact NWKMEA Executive Director Connie Reishus by the end of January.

Junior High
  • Dinosaurs-Bukvich-Phoebus Pub.
    $50.00 ($25.00) -2 sets
  • Dauntless-Timothy & Hannah Mahr-Neil Kjos Pub.
    $65.00 ($32.50)-2 sets
  • Snarl-John Mackey-John Mackey Pub.
    $119.00 ($59.50)-2 sets
  • Barnum & Bailey's Favorite-Karl L. King/arr. Bruker-Alfred Pub.
    $62.00 ($31.00)-2 sets
High School
  • Mother Earth-Maslanka-Carl Fisher Pub
    $100.00 ($50.00)-1 set
  • A Hymn for Band-Stuart-Shawnee Press
    $65.00 ($32.50)-2 sets
  • Tempo of Murals-Balmages-FJH Music Co
    $70.00 ($35.00)-1 set
  • Zia, Zia-C.T. Smith-Claude T Smith Pub.
    $65.00 ($32.50)-1 set


Dear Educators,

Please check the tabs to the left for detailed information about the Audition Requirements, Fees and Guidelines, Schedule and Location, the Clinician, various information for your student, and the JH Band Roster.

One minor change this year is that we ask for band students to either come dressed for the concert or change during the lunch hour. With our schedule, they will not have time to change after lunch before the concert. Doors will remain locked until 2:30 for the public attending the concert. This will help alleviate some hallway congestion. Please pass this on to parents and community members attending the concert.

Also, we will be mailing music to the school after auditions have been judged. These will be original pieces of music. If the music gets lost or damaged, the student/school will be required to purchase new parts.

As always, please plan accordingly and have your checks mailed well in advanced or bring them with you that day for the audition fee. The "double your fee" will be enforced if we do not receive payments the day of the Concert.

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions or concerns. Also, please be on the lookout for any emails that I may send to you during the fall. Good luck to you and your students!


Megan Riener
Quick Information:

  • Auditions for the 2018-2019 year: Cycle #2
  • Audition Upload Deadline: 11:59 PM (CST) - Monday, September 24, 2018
    Upload Auditions to: Festival Scores
  • Performance: Saturday, November 3, 2018
    NWKMEA Mini-Convention I at Hays High School
  • Clinician: Ken Hakoda from Kansas Wesleyan University

Event Description:
The KMEA-NW JH Honor Band will give the participants an opportunity to work with other students across the district at the Mini-Convention at Hays High School. Students will have approximately four hours of rehearsal time with an accomplished band director to put on a concert at the end of the day. Not only is it a fun day for the students, but it will also give the teachers a chance to collaborate and work with one another to support these young musicians. Having your students audition and participate in this honor band can also help your students prepare for various high school auditions and performances in the future.



Timothy Mahr & Hanna Mahr

John Mackey

Barnum and Bailey's Favorite
Karl L. King/arr. Brubaker
Megan Riener
Stockton JH
105 N Cypress
Stockton, KS 67669